About Big Hairy Dave

My friends affectionately call me "Big Hairy Dave", although I'm Sensei to students in class.

I don't insist on this outside class, but you are welcomed to refer to me as such.

For more than 8 years I have been teaching Tiny Tiger's Karate classes, some as "Breakfast", or "Tea-Time" classes at several local schools, and others at sports halls, and guiding budding Karatekas along the path of personal development to overcome shyness, co-ordination and balance issues, and to blossom into
self-confident, polite, assertive little individuals, so laying the foundations of their progression in Karate Do.

I teach not only the technical content of Karate, but also instill respect, control, and self-discipline, as well as encouraging a rudimentary appreciation, and understanding, of the Japanese terminology, and etiquette, and along the way we have a lot of fun with our warm up "Doubutsu no you ni arukimasu" (Japanese: Walking like animals), Karate-flavoured games such as "Stuck in the Mud", "Do This- Do That", "Tatte, Suwatte", "Harry Potter" and varied training methods.

I have a strong belief in providing a safe environment, and positive framework, to guide student's development, and all the instructors at Keibu Kan Karate, where I train for my own development, are regulated, CRB checked and registered, as am I.

I have trained at Karate for many years, starting back in the summer of 1988 when, under Sensei Tony Denham of the Portsmouth Karate Club (then K.U.G.B. affiliated), I trained and reached 1st Kyu (1 grade below Black Belt) in August 1988 before having to suspend my regular training for some years,
much to my dismay, due to a persistent knee injury.

A few years back, surgical techniques having advanced somewhat in the interim, I had keyhole surgery, and physiotherapy, which successfully corrected the problem, and I resumed my personal training in July 2005 under Sensei's Amanda and Dave Gisby, who introduced me to their instructor, Sensei Harrison, and I have been training them and many other excellent Black Belts, and Kyu grades, ever since.

I re-affirmed my 1st Kyu on the 25th of November 2005, and passed my Shodan (which literally means "Beginning Level" Black Belt, or as it is more commonly known 1st Dan) on the 17th of June 2006, later passing my Nidan (2nd Dan) in June 2008 (although this was deferred to September 2008 as my health, and performance, were off peak due to impending surgery to remove my right kidney due to cancer).

My stamina is still gradually recovering, and I still train, for my own development, Monday and Thursday nights, teach Junior & Senior classes on Tuesday night & Saturday morning, and assist with or run other classes when asked to, as well as regularly attending "in house" training courses, and residential training courses, in places as diverse as Weymouth, Germany, Switzerland and Japan,
in addition to my Tiny Tiger commitments.

I passed my Regional "A" grade Instructor, Referee and Examiner Diploma in March 2007,
and my National "D" Level Judge, Instructor and Examiner in 2010

I passed my Sandan (3rd Dan) on the 15th of August 2011, my National "D" Level Judge, Instructor and Examiner in 2011, & I am qualified to grade Junior & Senior class students to 1st Kyu (National),
and to grade Tiny Tigers autonomously.

I remain committed to progressing my qualifications in the future, continuing to train for 3rd Dan related International teaching qualifications, which I hope to take next time I train with Sensei Abe.

As you can see I am highly committed to our "way" and it's continuance, and I have developed a keen interest in the Japanese language and culture, taking after school classes resulting in my passing GCSE in summer 2010 - Who say's you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Instructors & Senior Assistants are CRB cleared and hold a CRB certificate.

Contact "Big Hairy" Dave on 07986 460 443 or 07775 337 499

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